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4 quadrants Cartesian plane HTML5


The Cartesian plane is composed of two perpendicular axes. Their intersection defines the origin of the plane. Each axis is graduated starting from the origin. 

  • The horizontal axis is the abscissa axis (also known as the "x axis"),
  • The vertical axis is the ordinate axis (also known as the "y axis").

These axes divide the cartesian plane into four quadrants.

A point is located in the Cartesian plane by its abscissa "x" and its ordinate "y".  Together in this order, (x,y) constitutes the coordinates of the point.

Move the points in the Cartesian plane. Click on the labels. Click on the quadrants.

Learning goals

  • To identify the coordinates of a point.
  • To localize a point in a grid.
  • To explore the symmetrical properties in regards to the abscissa axis and the ordinate axis.

Learn more

The origin of the grid has (0,0) as its coordinates.

All the points located on the abscissa axis have a null ordinate value: (x,0)

All the points located on the ordinate axis have a null…

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