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How do the shadows change during the day? HTML5


Shadows are everywhere. It is not always easy to understand this phenomenon. What makes the shadow of an object? How do we explain its shape? Why does this dark zone attached to an object evolve throughout the day?

The objective of this animation is to respond to these questions. The setting is simple to be able to isolate the effects of the light source (here it is the sun) on the objects (here it is the tree with or without the house). While displacing the sun the shadow ellongates, retracts or disappears. The light disseminates in a straight line. It is therefore easy to understand that the shadow reproduces the silhouette of a more or less deformed object according to the position of the sun.

Click to slide the sun in the sky.

Learning goals

  • To understand the origin and nature of shadows
  • To understand the relationship between the position of the light source and the shape of the shadow.

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The sun, in its visible trajectory around the earth is a source of light that displaces itself above objects. Its rays displace in a straight line.

When a ray of light is interrupted by an…

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