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Plant or animal origin of what we eat HTML5


The foods we eat are of great variety. This game allows them to be classified into three categories and to question their origins. Indeed, many foods require transformations that do not allow us to simply recognize their origin.

The first step is to define the terms "animal" and "plant":

  • A plant is a living being that needs only earth, water and light to live and develop. A plant does not move or very little but it reproduces and breathes.
  • An animal is a living being who needs to eat to develop. Often (but not always) an animal moves to find its food. Ex: an ant, a tadpole. An animal breeds and breathes.

It is interesting to note that we consume different parts of a plant: root (carrot), fruit (strawberry), sap (maple syrup), leaf (salad), seed (walnuts, almonds), flower (cauliflower, nasturtium), and one could add the bud (asparagus) and the bark (cinnamon).

Photo credits. All photos come from the Pixabay site (CC0 1.0 license) except sugar (CSIRO - CC BY 3.0 license),

Learning goals

  • To discover the origin of food.
  • To explain that many of our foods are processed.
  • To question our relationship to the living world and comment on our eating habits.