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Thermal Convection HTML5


Convection is one of the modes of thermal transfer.

A gas or a fluid becomes less dense when it is heated. It then has a tendency to rise, and float on top of the more dense, colder regions. This explains the phenomenon of convection currents.  This mixing enables the heating of an entire room with a single radiator or the entire volume of water in a pot by heating only the bottom of that pot.

Learning goals

  • To illustrate the propagation of thermal energy (heat)
  • To know that, in this mode of thermal transfer, there is a transfer of matter. It thus only applies to gases and liquids.

Learn more

There are three types of thermal transfer:

  1. Thermal conduction
  2. Thermal convection
  3. Radiation

The transfer of heat by radiation involves the emission by an atom of electromagnetic…

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