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Tables of addition and subtraction HTML5


This table contains 10 tables of addition and subtraction.

The display options allow:

  • understanding of how to read a table (the result of an operation is the intersection of a row and a column) 
  • determination of equivalent expressions (such as complementary to a sum) 
  • highlighting of double numbers, 
  • hiding boxes to transform the table into a quiz.

Click on the operator (upper left corner) to switch the table.
Click on a row or column to highlight it.
Click on a square of the grid to remove or show a number.

Learning goals

  • To identify a mathematical expression from the table 
  • To know tables of addition and subtraction 
  • To know doubles and complementary sums.

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Knowledge of 0-10 addition and subtraction tables is an indispensable prerequisite for addressing operations placed in columns.

The first step is to understand the meaning of a mathematical…

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