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Обр. лицензия

Last updated: August 20, 2020

The « Education » License applies to any Subscribers to the « School » or « Teacher » offers who wish to take advantage of eduMedia’s online services. This license is the contract that binds Subscribers to eduMedia. It supplements the Terms of Use as published on the Site.
Please read these 2 documents carefully, as they are the terms that govern your use of the eduMedia website and services.
For the purposes of this document, the terms below are defined as follows:

Excluded from this « Education » license are virtual schools providing online education and, more generally, any public or private institutions that provide distance education, such as home school systems, review sites, MOOCs. These establishments should contact eduMedia to find out which license applies to their activity.
Also excluded from this « Education » license are museums, libraries/ media libraries, associations, foundations, corporations, parents practicing home schooling and private companies, all of whom are invited to contact eduMedia to find out which license applies to their activity.

ARTICLE 1 : Who is the « Education » license intended for?

The « Education » license applies to a Subscriber who can justify one of the two following types of Subscription:

For a « School » Subscription, the « Education » licence applies to all Subscribers from the subscribed School.
For a « Teacher » Subscription, the « Education » licence is limited to only one Subscriber.
The identity of the Subscriber concerned will be requested when you sign up for the subscription. You can consult eduMedia's Privacy Policy at this address.

If you are not a Subscriber as defined in the introduction and you cannot justify a « School » or a « Teacher » Subscription, you are not bound by the « Education » license. Unless you prove that you are eligible for another eduMedia license, you are not authorized to use the Site or its related services.

ARTICLE 2 : Transferring the Education license to students

This license is non-transferable, except to students and the immediate families (father, mother, brothers, sisters) of students enrolled in the Subscriber's courses. This license transfer is decided by the Subscriber(s) and is registered as soon as the login credentials are made available to students or their immediate families or when the resource is made accessible to students via a secure portal specific to the School (LMS, Educational Portal).
Through this transfer, eduMedia agrees to extend the terms of the « Education » license to students and their immediate families, who then have the same rights and restrictions as the Subscriber(s), and must therefore accept all terms of this « Education » license.

Students and family use of eduMedia's resources and services remains the responsibility of the Subscriber(s), who must ensure that everyone is aware of the conditions of use of the resource as described in this document. If the students are minors, their parents or legal guardians are responsible for how they use eduMedia resources and eduMedia services.

ARTICLE 3 : Use of the Site

Some of the Site's content and services are accessible free of charge. Others are only accessible as part of a Subscription. A Subscriber has access to one of the two connection methods below:

With the « Education » license, you can consult all of the Site's content or just part of it, depending on your type of Subscription. It also provides access to services. Some of these services are not available on mobile devices. These services are:

ARTICLE 4 : Teacher's Area

Only Subscribers covered by the « Education » license who have subscribed to the « eduMedia Studio » option can create a « Teacher's Area ». This is a personal space specific to one Subscriber, which allows management of favourites and Video Captures.

When organizing their resources into folders, Subscribers have access to a class code for each folder. Subscribers can give these codes to their students, who will then have secure access to the subscribers’ selections.
A « Teacher's Area » is a personal space. The Subscriber accesses it through a personally chosen identifier and password.
Subscribers agree to keep their profiles updated, including their email addresses, so we can send notifications if there is any abnormal use of their accounts. They also agree not to share identifiers, because they may be held responsible for any misuse or abnormal use of their accounts.
To create a « Teacher's Area » account, you need a valid Subscription. However, once the « Teacher's Area » is created, it remains active even if the Subscription expires (*).  After the Subscription has expired, Subscribers keep their eduMedia resource folders and Video Captures. eduMedia resources will be blocked but Video Captures will remain unchanged, accessible and shareable.

(*) If a « Teacher's Area » account is not used for more than 2 years, eduMedia will send two alert emails to its owner to invite the Subscriber to log in. If neither of these emails is answered, eduMedia reserves the right to delete this account and all it contains.

ARTICLE 5 : Teacher's Area

Only Subscribers who have subscribed to « eduMedia Studio » have the option of creating a Video Capture. The capture process must be done exclusively using the eduMedia capture tool. Video capture from any other software is not allowed.

Video Capture Features:

The capture tool may not work on all operating systems. Subscribers are invited to test whether or not the tool operates in their working environment, knowing that it is strictly prohibitted to use any screen capture tool other than the one provided by eduMedia.

ARTICLE 6 : Sharing and Assignment of Copyright

Subscribers may only share an eduMedia resource or a Video Capture they have created through the sharing tools provided on the Site related to each resource.

These services are designed to encourage exchanges and sharing practices between teachers and students at the same School.
For this reason, eduMedia authorizes the sharing or integration of an eduMedia resource in a pedagogical environment specific to the Subscriber (LMS of the School, educational portal, Mail, Blog, School district website).

The policy on resource sharing and the partial assignment of copyrights is unique in the world of private publishing. eduMedia is very proud to position itself at the forefront of digital uses with its creative tools and sharing options. For this pedagogical model to be sustainable, Subscribers are required to make judicious and responsible use of these tools and services.

Sharing links are limited to the duration of your subscription for eduMedia Resources and limited in time for 3 years for Video Captures made with the eduMedia capture tool, as long as the following conditions are met.

The authorizations cited above are only valid for non-commercial educational uses, and are strictly limited to Subscribers from the subscribed School.
If your use of an eduMedia resource or Video Capture does not fit into one of the descriptions above, it is mandatory to contact eduMedia for written permission.
Any Subscriber who does not comply with the above conditions runs the risk of having their account closed, and at worst, prosecution for non-compliance with copyright.

ARTICLE 7 : Copyright

The content of this Site (animations, videos, class sheets, interactive exercises, graphics, etc.) and any software or computer programs required for its use, are protected by the Intellectual Property Code and applicable international standards, and are, unless otherwise stated, the property of eduMedia.

The eduMedia company does not grant the Subscriber, and more generally, any Internet Subscriber or visitor, any rights other than those described in this « Education » license and in the Terms of Use document, as published on the Site.
Any use of the Site content or any of its elements in a way that contradicts what is laid out in the terms of this licence will result in civil and criminal liability for the Subscriber.

ARTICLE 8 : Modification

This « Education » license could change if modifications are made to the eduMedia online service. These changes may occur at any time without notice. Subscribers are therefore invited to consult this license on a regular basis.
If this « Education » license is modified, Subscribers will receive an alert in the form of an email or a pop-up on our Site.
If these new conditions seem unacceptable to the Subscriber, the latter must stop using the Site and may claim a refund calculated in proportion to the period of use.
The most recent date of modification of this « Education » license is indicated at the top of the page.
Any further use of the Site by the Subscriber constitutes acceptance of this « Education » license and the Terms of Use as published on the Site.

ARTICLE 9 : Acceptance

The Subscriber confirms having carefully read each clause of this « Education » license as well as of all the Terms of Use and agrees to comply with all of these terms.