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Coding Game HTML5


Practice programming the skater's movements. The goal is to collect all the floppy disks, using whenever possible a minimum number of instruction blocks.

This application is an introduction to algorithms and programming. Programming means planning and anticipating a series of actions to solve a problem. The 9 levels of games offered are of increasing difficulty.

Levels 1-2-3

The training mode allows you to immediately test an instruction. The "normal" mode executes the sequence of instructions after clicking "GO".

The first three levels (1-2-3) use only the usual instruction blocks:

  • ↑ Move skater forward one square
  • ↓ Move skater backward one square
  • ↰ Rotate skater to the left (staying on the same square)
  • ↱ Rotate skater to the right (staying on the same square)

Levels 4-5-6

Added the "repeat loop" statement: it is necessary to use this new statement to achieve the objectives. Its use is essential to complete level 6.

Levels 7-8-9

Secondary memories are added to optimize coding.

Evaluation: This is the total number of instruction blocks used to achieve the objective and the score obtained.

Learning goals

  • Introduce programming logic and sequential logic.
  • Define the words "encoding", "instruction", "programming", "debugging".
  • Distinguish absolute tracking (player’s perspective - not discussed here) from relative location (skater's perspective). "turn right" does not have the same meaning for me (the player) as for the programmed object (the skater).
  • Optimize a program to use a minimum of instruction blocks.
  • Debug a program.