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Number bonds - Decomposition HTML5


A number represents a quantity.

To understand the concept of numbers is to count a collection of elements and to associate to it a symbolic representation: numbers, constellation of points, combination of the fingers of the hand.

A collection of items can be split into two parts. This is the concept of addition. The blue number represents the whole (the sum), the two parts being represented by the yellow and red numbers (the terms).

Interpret numbers up to 10 as a combination of two numbers. Restore the links between the numbers when the total is the sum of the two parts. This is the concept of number bonds.

When the collection is displayed, click on the tabs to show all the possible decompositions of the same number.

Play with numbers and combine their representations in a fun way.

Learning goals

  • To break down a number into two parts.
  • To interpret the addition as the pooling of two sets of elements.
  • To associate several representations to a number: numbers, collection, constellation of points, fingers of the hand.