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Quiz Fractions HTML5


This animation is a generator of random problems on fractions. It allows the teacher to reinforce the fundamental notions and the student to test his knowledge.

Both frames must represent the same number.

A fraction can be represented by:

  • its literal expression (three quarters),
  • its mathematical writing (3/4),
  • a graph (portion of a bar or disk),
  • part of a collection of objects.

Five types of questions randomly combine two representations of the same fraction. All possible combinations are proposed in order of increasing difficulty. The padlock allows to freeze a type of question.

Objects in a collection can be moved to make packages.

Click on the active areas to answer the questions. The two frames should represent the same number.\nMove items to form packages.\nClick the "Back to Zero" button for a new question.\nClick on the padlock to freeze a type of question.

Learning goals

  • To be able to represent simple fractions.
  • To know how to write a fraction from its graphical representation and vice versa.
  • To know how to solve problems.

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The animation on fractions allows to introduce the fundamental notions.

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