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Number line HTML5


The number line is a graduated axis with a zero origin and is oriented to the right. Positive numbers are placed to the right of the zero origin. The further they are from the zero, the larger the numbers are. Negative numbers are placed to the left of the zero.

This animation explores the numerical line from small to large numbers, positive or negative, whole or decimal.

The value of the scale can be chosen as unitary or variable. The option "Random graduation" requires to calculate the value of the scale before placing the label on the line.

Learning goals

  • To know how to locate the numbers on the graduated line.
  • To know how to calculate the graduation step on a number line.
  • To know how to skip count. 

Learn more

At each graduation there is a number. It is necessary to know the value of the scale to place a number on the line.

Example: Place the number 542 on the number line with a single…

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