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Square tiling HTML5


The paving of the plan is a very ancient technic used for surface coating: Floor tilings and wall mosaics are usual examples of this and are strong markers of time and culture.

  • The paving is geometrical if the shapes are polygons.
  • The paving is regular if the polygons are of the same type (hexagonal paving, triangular paving, square paving).

This animation suggests eight square pavings to complete. This game is an opportunity to work on symmetries and regularity of geometrical shapes.

Some patterns represented here are characteristic of:

  • a Greek frieze,
  • an Islamic paving,
  • a Portuguese azulejo,
  • a mathematical challenge.   

Select a board by clicking the arrows or the numbers.

Reconstruct the suggested tilings: select and move the shapes on the plan.

Click on the geometrical transformation button to apply the transformation to the selected shape.

Learning goals

  • To observe and reproduce geometric patterns.
  • To identify reflection symmetry in patterns.

Learn more

A paving is defined by:

  • an initial shape,
  • a placement algorithm built from the properties of the reference shape.

Each paving is built from its reference shape and of its geometrical…

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