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Whole numbers (Integers) HTML5


The number line is an infinite, graduated straight line having an origin and direction. The abscissa of a point corresponds to a positive or negative number. 

Click the labels to replace the number by a question mark.

Click on the arrows to set the visible limits of the number line.

Move the markers on the line.

Note: The number line expands or contracts to show integers on a maximum scale of 100 divisions.

Learning goals

  • To know how to represent integers on a number line.
  • To understand the relative position between numbers.
  • To know how to do operations (addition, subtraction) with the help of a number line.

Learn more

The origin of the line is represented by the zero.  The abscissa to the right of the origin are increasing and represent positive numbers.  The abscissa on the left of the origin are decreasing…

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