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Electrical installation HTML5


An overview of a household electrical system. You can zoom in or out using the zoom buttons, and can move the house by clicking and dragging.

All the devices can be turned on and off using your mouse.

The meter outside the house can be opened by clicking on it, as can the distribution panel (breaker panel). Inside the latter, you will find the circuit breaking devices that will stop the flow of current if the maximum power (6600 W) is exceeded. In that case, some appliances would have to be turned off, and then, inside the breaker panel, the main switch would have to be used to reactivate the system.

Click on the devices to switch them on/off and show their electrical connections.
Click on the meter (outside the house) or the fusebox (in the living room) to open them.

Learning goals

  • To have an  overview of and, to learn the names of the parts of a household electrical system
  • To view the wiring of each device and the central role of the breaker panel.
  • To show  that every device is connected to the ground.
  • To distinguish between power (kW) and energy (kWh).

Learn more

Every appliance has an indication of its electric consumption in Watts (W), a unit of power. This is energy per unit of time.

  • incandesent light bulb: 60-100W
  • energy saving light…

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