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Golden Gate Bridge HTML5


The Golden Gate Bridge was built in 4 years.

  • Where: San Francisco (United States)
  • Opening ceremony: May 27, 1937
  • Central span: 1280 m
  • Total length: 2737 m
  • Height of towers: 227 m (of which 67 m under the span)
  • Weight of the steel: 894,500 tons (2.5 Empire State Building)
  • Number of rivets: 1,200,000
  • Number of steel wires: 27572 in each cable
  • Length of a cable: 2332 m
  • Diameter of a cable: 92.4 cm
  • Length of work: 4 years
  • Cost: 27 M$ (US Dollars)
  • Human toll: 11 deaths (a record at the time) - 19 lives saved thanks to the Safety Net

The Golden Gate is a suspended bridge (See eduMedia animation on different types of bridges).

Click on the pins of the timeline to open the pictures.

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Learning goals

  • Summarize and simplify the main steps when creating a work of art.
  • Discover an exceptional industrial heritage.
  • Promote careers in civil engineering.