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Erosion (U shaped valley) HTML5


The U-shaped valley is chraracteristic of glacial erosion. The passage of the   gigantic mass of a glacier marks the landscape with imposing tracks. Its abrasive power tears away the walls of blocks of rock. These are crushed and carried downstream. These are the moraines.

Glaciers are numerous during glacial periods (the last one ended 10,000 years ago). Numerous lakes and fjords bear witness to their presence, long after they have receded.

Thick sedimentary layers that have accumulated at the bottoms of fjordsand lakes conceal the true depth of the original valley.

Learning goals

  • To study the principal factors responsible for the erosion of a landscape.
  • To apply our knowledge to the explanation of some of the characteristics of the relief of the region.
  • To place the duration of these phenomena on the Geological Time Scale.
  • To present several photos of several places around the globe illustrating  the same phenomena of alteration, erosion or accumulation.

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