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Contour maps HTML5


A cartographic map enables us to represent the relief (in 3 dimensions) of a geographic region on a plane surface (2 dimensions).

In addition to indicating roads, streams and rivers, homes and many other things, these maps tell us about altitudes via the use of contour lines. These are imaginary lines that link points in the landscape  that are of equal altitude.

Click and drag on the screen  with the mouse to tilt the display, or use the mouse wheel to do so.

Learning goals

  • To make the connection between landscape (3D) and map (2D projection)
  • To teach how to read a topographical survey and eventually how to carry out such a survey.
  • To identify routes and to show the limitations of a map.
  • To introduce the representation of i sotherms, isobars …

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A contour line is a line that links points of the same altitude. Cartography uses these lines to produce 2 dimensional representations of a region’s 3 dimensional relief.

In the case of this…

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