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Light sources HTML5


An animation to create day and night!
This photomontage allows you to turn on or off various light sources. We distinguish primary sources (the sun, the stars, or a lamp) and the secondary sources (the Moon or any reflecting object).
We also illustrate that shadows only appear in contrast to the supplementary light created by a source.

Click on a street lamp to switch it on/off.
Click on the Moon the same way.

Learning goals

  • To illustrate different kinds of light sources and their corresponding effects on a scene.
  • To explain how light sources cast shadows.
  • To study the three elements of a shadow: the light source, the object, and the projection surface.
  • To understand that shadows can only appear by contrast.
  • To predict which one of the light sources will create a specific shadow.
  • To analyze the rectilinear path of light in order to explain a shadow.