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Earth's interior HTML5


The Earth is a sphere made up of several layers which are physically different from one another. The core at the centre is metallic, hot and dense. The mantle around it (80% of the Earth’s volume) is a layer of rock subjected to high pressures and temperatures. The continents and the ocean floor make up the Earth’s crust, the outer layer.
Illustrations are drawn to scale.

Click on the different layers to display their characteristics.

Click on to see details of the upper layers.

Learning goals

  • To develop understanding of the structure of the Earth’s interior.
  • To illustrate the importance of proportions and the concept of scale.

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Our knowledge of the inside of the Earth is provided by observing how seismic waves propagate through the different layers. The iron-rich core contains a solid nugget (at about 5000 °C) which is…

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