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Unusual gears HTML5


Brought to you in cooperation with the Musée des Arts et Metiers - Paris.

A gear system is one involved in the transmission of motion. The two toothed wheels  assure a driving force without slippage.  In these four systems,  the driving wheel (at top) turns at a constant speed.

  • First case: the "Maltese Cross " system transforms the contiunuous rotation into discontinuous motion: this is a turn counter.
  • Other cases: the variable speed of the lower wheel is determined by the wheel's geometry.

Learning goals

  • To illustrate the possibilities of varying the rotational speed in a gear system.
  • To lllustrate the kinematics of rotating objects.

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In all cases, the upper wheel is the driving wheel, which turns at a constant speed.

A simple gear system is made of two circles:  the transmission ratio for speed is a function of the ratio of…

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