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Tooth brushing HTML5


Brushing your teeth is a hygienic act that  should  be carried outon a daily basis. Dentists  recommend a minimum of two brushings per day (for 2 to 3 minutes each time). The mechanical action of brushing, made more effective by the use of toothpaste, eliminates the impurities, the bacteria and dental plaque that act as sources of infection. Brushing helps prevent cavities and problems with the gums. It is important to teach the proper procedures to children as these are the procedures that they will carry into adulthood.  Everyone should adopt the proper procedures so that they become natural and easy to carry out.

Learning goals

  • To understand the essential procedures needed to obtain an effective brushing of the teeth.

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Tooth brushing is a matter  of cleaning the 3 visible sides of each tooth (external, jaw side; internal, tongue side; superior,  or chewing, side). Chewing accomplishes the cleaning of surfaces.…

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