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Weight / Mass on the Moon HTML5


Here, we highlight the distinction between weight and mass on the moon. We also show the proportionality between them.

The weight of an object is a force expressed in Newton (N). It is also defined as the force of gravity acting on the object. Weight must not be confused with the mass of an object which is a fundamental property of the object expressed in kilogram (kg).

Therefore, the mass of an object on the Moon remains the same as its mass on Earth. But its weight gets less because the gravity on the moon is less than on the Earth.

Click on 'Earth' or 'Moon' to simulate their respective gravities.

Click on a mass to select it.

Learning goals

  • To distinguish between the weight (Intensity of the force in N) and the mass of a body (Fundamental property in Kg).
  • To simulate the influence of the gravitational constant on the weight.

Learn more

Mass is a property of matter. Every atom has mass.

The mass of an object is the sum of the masses of all atoms that make up the object. Mass is expressed in kilograms (kg).

Weight is a…

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