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Decimal and Fractional Numbers HTML5


The number line is a straight line that has an origin and stretches infinitly in two directions from its origin.  An abscissa is a point on the number and can have a positive or negative value depending on its direction from the origin.

This animation represents values between -10 and 10.

Click the arrows to set the visible limits of the number line.

Move the markers on the line by moving the colored boxes above the line. 

Note: The number line expands or contracts to display decimal numbers between -10 and 10 on a maximum scale of 100 divisions.

Learning goals

  • To know how to represent decimal numbers on a number line.
  • To know how to convert a decimal number to a fraction or a percentage.
  • To know how to operations (addition, subtraction) with the help of a number line.

Learn more

A decimal number is made up of a whole number part (the digit or digits before the decimal point) and a decimal part (the digit or digits aftert the decimal point).  The decimal part is a fraction…

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